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We provide creative VFX Services and CGI services for Commercials, Product Animation for web-stores, Music Videos, Personal Projects, Short Films & Feature Films.

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Why Consider CGI or VFX Services for Your Video?

Anyone creating any video (no matter a Commercial or a Film) has the ultimate goal of getting more sales in their niche. Click below to read how a good video can INCREASE YOUR SALES upto 76%. Because Our best VFX Services grow your Business in this digital era.

Mocha Pro
After Effects
Tools We Use
We use different softwares for various tasks. The main Softwares we use are given here.

What Tools Do We Use
For VFX Services?

We use the best softwares for VFX Services. The importance of visual effects (VFX) has grown to greater levels. VFX and compositing have helped businesses in attracting, engaging, and reaching their target audience in previously unseen ways. A VFX Producer works with the Director throughout the production process to provide advise on what is possible and how the required VFX may be delivered. Additional expertise may be required for the shoot depending on the VFX complexity. When necessary, a VFX Supervisor can join the Director and Cinematographer on-site to monitor live-action shooting and ensure that the shots are suitable for the VFX features that will be added in the post.

We provide professional VFX and compositing services appropriate to the needs of our international clients. We have extensive expertise working with high-resolution footage and can handle any project. Particle effects, compositing, color corrections, matte cutting,  3D dynamics and effects, rotoscopy, logo animations, and titles, as well as high quality VFX for feature films, are just some of the VFX services we offer. We have the ability to create amazing sequences using a wide range of effects. We give best-in-class VFX services with a team of highly skilled specialists who use high-end tools and innovative technologies.

VFX Services


We provide all types of compositing service. Experienced in compositing cg element into live-action footages.

VFX Services

Match Moving

We provide 2d Motion Tracking or point tracking service, Planar & Mesh Tracking Service and 3d Camera Tracking & Match Moving service. 

VFX Services in india


All sorts of simulation service. Table-top Food Simulation service, Clothe Simulation service, Motion Graphics Simulation, Pyro  Simulation Service etc.

VFX Services in USA

Special Effects

All sorts of special effects like fire effect, magic effects, portals, wind, transformation, electricity effects and many other effects generally included in compositing.

best VFX services

3D Product Animation

We provide 3d product animation service for your eCommerce products with exploded views and call-out titles.

Best VFX Services in india


We provide the rotoscoping service ranging from complex roto with hair and fine details to simple objects rotoscoping service. 

Why Choose Us

Our VFX team provides high-quality visual effects for advertising agencies, videographers, film producers and directors, indie films, individual filmmakers, web-stores’ products, and a range of other industries. The SUZA Productions VFX team can help companies of all sizes, including entertainment/media companies, filmmakers, advertisers, social meadia influencers, etc.


100% protection of your precious work and NDA signed before getting the files. 

Good Reviews

200+ happy clients with a lot of reviews that you can see and get a glimpse of our hard work.

24/7 Support

Live chat support for any type of suggestions, feedback and timely updates about the project.


Reasonable pricing in the market without any compromise on quality of the project.

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What Our Clients Say About VFX Services

david murakami
David Murakami
🇺🇸 United States

I hired them to work on a difficult camera tracking project for a feature film/opera hybrid production. The team rose above and beyond to deliver extremely precise results with prompt turnaround and consistent communication. Would absolutely hire again.

giulio motola
Giulio Mottola
🇻🇪 Venezuela

I contacted SUZA for the edition of an episode of my series. All the Special Effects were too good. I'm very delighted with your work.

jon j grafted pictures
Jon J.
🇺🇸 United States

Well done guys! Had a small scene with big impact in our feature film, and they exceeded the expectations.

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